Our Dressage Horses

Nico and Simone van Maaswaal have been working for years to improve the bloodlines in their stud farm. They selected the best stallions, suitable for their broodmares. Their horses reach the highest level in sport (dressage and jumping) and are also highly appreciated by fellow breeders.


Please, take a look at our dressage horses.

Dressage Horses

Sport Horses

King apple

Glock’s Toto JR X TCN Partout

Oogappel II

Fürst Toto x Sorento

Orange apple blossom

Sezuans Donnerhall x Bon Bravour


Blue Hors Farrell X Bon Bravour

Breeding mares

Jewel Apple

Fairytale X TCN Partout

Empress Apple

Painted Black X Renovo

Iconic Apple

Chippendale X TCN Partout

Iggy pop Apple

Bon Bravour X Flemmingh

First Lady Apple

Sorento X Flemmingh

Gold Apple

Totilas X TCN Partout

Young horses

Princess Apple

Jameson RS2 X Chippendale

Princess Gold Apple

Jameson RS2 X Totilas

Pink Lady Apple

St. Schufro X Bon Bravour

Royal Black Apple

v. Livius x Totilas

Ruby rose Apple

Revolution x Painted Black

Rock’n Rose Apple

v. Johnny Depp x Sorento

Rose’n Roses Apple

v. Just Wimphof x Fairytale

Red Cent Apple

v. Fifty Cent x Bon Bravour

Sunshine apple

My Blue Horse Santiano x Bon Bravour

Sweetheart apple

Fynch Hatton x Totilas

Si Si signorita apple

Jameson RS2 x Chippendale

Sparkling apple

Bonjour x Sorento

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