Nico and Simone van Maaswaal have been working for years to improve the bloodlines in their stud farm. They selected the best stallions, suitable for their broodmares. Their horses reach the highest level in sport (dressage and jumping) and are also highly appreciated by fellow breeders. Below you’ll find a selection of dressage, jumping or harness horses from the past.


Dressage horses

Jonagold (2001)

Equador X Notaris

High Society Apple

Charmeur X Renovo

Jules apple

Davino V.O.D. X Sorento

First apple

Vivaldi X TCN Partout

Nina Ricci Apple

Just Wimphof X Fairytale

Karel appel

Glock’s Toto JR X Renovo


TCN Partout X Flemmingh

Mrs Apple

Glock’s Toto JR X Chippendale

Nespresso gold APPLE

Expression XPainted Black

Orange apple blossom

Sezuans Donnerhall x Bon Bravour


Painted Black X Renovo


Montecristo X Flemmingh

Luxury Apple

Zonik X Renovo


Cidane X Burggraaf

Orange Design Apple

Glock’s Taminiau X Painted Black

Diamond apple

Wynton X Flemmingh

Show jumpers

Wait n See

Cantos X Burggraaf

Dutch Apple

Vigaro X Baloubet du Rouet

Farmer's Apple

Winningmood X Libero H

Eurocool's apple

Canturano I X Baloubet du

Granny Smith Apple

Eldorado vd Zeshoek TN X
Baloubet du Rouet

Star apple

Kigali X Libero H

Iron apple

Eldorado vd Zeshoek TN X Libero H

Golden apple

Winningmood X Libero H

Lucky apple

Harley VDL X Tangelo van de Zuuthoeve

KIng of london apple

Lexicon X Contendro I


Contendro I X Notaris

Happy apple

Baltic VDL X Contendro I

Upper appel

Phin Phin X Libero H

marengo apple

Cornado I X Contendro I

Eurocool's elstar

Diamant de Semilly X Libero H

eurocool's king of diamonds apple

L’esprit X Libero H

Our original apple

Just Apple X Wijnappel v. Contendro I

Harness horses


Renovo X Wouter


Renovo X Monarch

O Brigitte Bardot Apple

Icellie X Eebert


Manno X Renovo


Manno X Renovo

Ruby Rose Apple

Lanto HBC x Icellie


Renovo X Renovo

Nereusi II

Image HBC X Renovo

Roma Donna Apple

Maximiano I&S x Eebert


Eurocool's Just apple

Verdi TN X Baloubet du Rouet

Eurocool's i am london apple

London X Contendro I

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