Sorting facility

Grading and sorting area
The complete chain of cultivation, storage and production

Sorting facility

Euro-Cool realized a complete grading and sorting area – for our production, as well as for clients of the cold storage company.

With this, the chain of cultivation, storing and handling is completed. The facility is set up for apples and pears and works with a four-lanes conveyor, which can be converted to eleven separate colour and dimensions for sorting fruits. Under optimal conditions it is possible to sort thirty tons of fruit a day.

Immediately next to the sorting installation, the supply and removal of the fruit is located, as well as the supply of the packaging in which the fruits have to be sorted, or will be packaged. Right after grading and sorting, the fruit is cooled for transport in the conditioning space.


    At Euro-Cool we do everything possible to keep our ecological footprint as small as possible.


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